A Better Life Ministry Check-In

As per COVID-19 safety precautions we are conducting Sunday morning online check-ins to ensure all guidelines are met for church gathering.  
Please answer all questions fully.  Please Note:  All Guests Must Register Individually.

The Doors of the church are open

We thank you for your prayers, patience, and participation remotely. The time has come where we will "Open The Doors Of The Church" Sunday, June 28th, 10am. There will be Sunday ONLY Services as for on-site. Due to COVID-19 existence, we will resume with diligent caution. These protocols in place will help us navigate these unique times. You must pre-register in advance and complete the questionnaire. We have made some adjustments as for designated seating, 6ft spacing, and professional cleaning. To Our Seniors who may not have technological capability, we will reach out to you directly. Please observe the following: A- Pre-register On-Line B- Sign-In upon entry C- Mask Is Required D- Temperature Check E- Seating Per Household Is In Place F- Hand Sanitize Stations In Place G- Bathroom Attendants Will Be On Post H- Offertory Methods Will Remain Digital I- There Will Be NO Children's Ministry On Site. J- There Will Be NO Meetings or Extra Curricular That Will Violate 6ft Social Distancing. We Trust that you as members and guest would appreciate our efforts to provide a Safe and Comfortable Environment To Worship Corporately. -Key To Life-


This questionnaire will ensure that we remain within the CDC guidelines during this pandemic, while we gather together once again in the house of God. The submission of this form validates your truthfulness and willingness to be held accountable for any falsified information provided. Therefore A Better Life Ministry, nor its staff will be held responsible for any prejudice, bias or mislead transmissions.